Behind the Scenes of “Whats Love Got To Do With It”

maurice-goldberg-creative-artist-change-maker-blog-1-.jpgBehind the scenes 

I’m in the final stages of preparation for Wednesday’s opening and wanted to share a few insight pics of the exhibition and reflect upon the work of the past year.


Here I am in a new exciting phase of life, about to share my  creativity in my very  first exhibition. It made me think that I should share a bit about what’s under the bonnet of What’s Love Got to Do With it, what am I trying to say and how it’s come about.


Throughout my pretty adventurous life I’ve realised that at the centre of all my challenges and gifts was love. I’ve loved greatly and been loved intensely but I realised a long time ago that love is not one thing. Society would have us believe it’s romance and kisses and a box of chocolates but love is passionate and savage, suffocating and endearing, obsessive and unconditional. It can be as much a destructive and painful  force as rewarding and kind.

“This exhibition is about identity and the power of love and sexuality to be a transformative…”

The Icons

maurice-goldberg-creative-artist-change-maker-blog-4-.jpgJust over a year ago, I was asked to paint a commissioned work and after a few weeks a theme started to emerge. The couple had been married for 6o years and said they loved each other but so obviously struggled in their relationship. I knew then that I really wanted to explore LOVE and how human’s struggle and delight in its enormity.

I started to draw, from life models, as many different themes as I could imagine of how love played out. I drew iconic figures that expressed splendour, fear, jealousy or regret.


I cut my sketches out and I then placed them in scenes where they interacted. There are nearly 300 of these scenes!  And I then chose some of these compositions and started drawing and painting them.


The Lightmaurice-goldberg-creative-artist-change-maker-blog-9-.jpg

I had an interesting break-through when I started to think of these icons of emotion, in fields of light. Pure light is like pure love. Fill a room with enormously bright white light and we’d see nothing! Similarly, I think fill a life with pure bright love and we’d feel nothing… there would be no contrast. So my paintings explore different fields of broken up light… infinite colours and shades express the potential of the infinite human love experiences.



Objectification… which is more important, our body or our emotions?

In September I had a massive breakthrough! I questioned:

maurice-goldberg-creative-artist-change-maker-blog-6-.jpg“what drove me more in love, the physical or the emotional?”

I decided that I needed to photograph bodies of both men and woman on which I’d project images of people in different emotional states. I projected images of my models and flowers and guns and 100s of paintings I’d been creating for three years.  I then took everything to the computer and spent months creating tapestries that tell stories of love lost and love found… of sexuality expressed and repressed… of gender and power … and of questioning societal norms and expectations.

The result is an exhibition of 12 canvases and 18 limited edition digital images.

maurice-goldberg-creative-artist-change-maker-blog-7-.jpgThe exhibition I’ve created is a rich and saturated abstract world where the human form and human emotions are explored.

The images are beautiful but often confronting as they draw upon the themes of obsession, jealousy, passion, and unconditional love.

I’ve  borrowed styles from classic artists like Matisse but also from contemporary street artists and images from dating app and selfies. I’ve folded together digital photographic and projection techniques, hand collage, and traditional figurative painting.

The Point

I want to question definitions around gender and sexual orientation, explore the core values around marriage and committed love, and identity diversity. But ultimately I want the work to be sensual, lyrical and inspiring.

I hope the viewer will question their own perceptions of love, sexuality, gender and the choices we make in the name of love.

I hope to see you for “What’s Love Got to Do With It”  at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown from the opening night 6pm Wednesday 20 April to Sunday 1 May. I’ll be there every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so drop in for a coffee, wine and an exploration.


For more information visit


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