What’s a Creative Rebel?

I think You are a Creative rebel… Let me explain…

I’m pretty sure the primary goal of a life is to find as much fulfilment as we possibly can.

That’s a big statement… but why not… And I’ve noticed a pattern, and that is, the way to maximise fulfilment is to courageously create the world we desire. In other words, as Aladdin might say,  “set your genies free”.

Well, that’s the game I’m experimenting with and it seems to be working. ( You could say it’s a work in progress… )  Its been a huge, wonderful, struggle, and its taking lots of courage to break through all the reasons why I shouldn’t do what I really desire but I’m thinking that my path to living a successful life is to free my genies.

Over many years I daydreamed what I’d love to create, and one secret dream I kept, even from myself, was to become a professional artist.  But over the past few years I’ve been breaking through and giving it a run for its money.

Its hasn’t been that easy!

MauriceGoldbergBlindfoldWordResponseSmallAnd that was the crunch! I had to allow myself to feel unsafe, I had to stop following the herd and I had to turn my back on what I thought was expected of me. I had to ask myself “am I willing to Rebel against all these conditions that keep me small?  How might it be to embrace my creative rebel ?”

And so the Creative Rebel was born.

So here’s where I’d love to hear from you. ( The best stuff always comes from you. )

I’ve noticed, for many of us, that sticking with what’s safe, what’s expected, and what we know, is the main path. But if I didn’t rebel against all of these I wouldn’t get to experience ( or share ) the real me. By holding back I was blocking my creativity and put the brakes on my authentic contribution, ( and I created lots of friction in my life… friction such as regret, guilt, drama, dislocation, and I was sensing something was missing or something’s lost. )

Have you had similar thoughts or experiences? Love to hear.


About mauricegoldberg

creator, change maker, agitator, in both the visual art and business worlds.
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4 Responses to What’s a Creative Rebel?

  1. David Ross says:

    Great post Maurice. I once sat in a coaching session with a group of fellow accountants. We were asked, why did we become an accountant. Simple enough question really, but when u really ask yourself how a chain of events led you to a career it can reveal a lot. It’s a work in progress, but the rebel is poking it’s head through gradually. Admire the move to art and the creative rebel Maurice.

    • Thanks David. I’m glad it got you thinking. And I appreciate your thoughts about my creative career. I’m really glad to hear your rebel is breaking through the surface as I’m sure you will have so much more fun.

  2. Elise says:

    The life of living dangerously! I am at where you were a little while ago. Fear of believing. Carving time to just explore and experiment with my creativity, without needing a teacher or mentor to guide me. So starting next week I am carving some time for me. I have found my courage to push my boundaries in other areas of creativity, in the water with children with disability. I am following my passion and exploring my fears. I am doing not just talking about it. Yippee

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