The year of living dangerously …  


So here’s the question.  Right up front.  Am I ready to live this year dangerously?

I just returned from an extraordinary, daring, courageous and visually stunning exhibition of Gilbert and George, at Hobart’s outrageous art museum MONA. Wow!  Not to be missed! They took risks that for decades kept them as exiles in London’s art scene.


by Gilbert and George at MONA, Hobart.

I also intend to see the equally inspiring and daring exhibition of Ai Weiwei at Melbourne’s NGV after watching a documentary about this Chinese, radical dissenter.


Ai Weiwei’s Bicycles at NGV Melbourne

These artists have rocked the boat in their respective countries over the past decades. Both are at the top of their professions. Both have risked their reputations to cause a positive change in their worlds, and Ai Weiwei has risked more than his reputation. He has risked his life and freedom by creating audacious works that challenge the very heart of China’s leadership.

A year of living dangerously is one in which we do what ever it is we know is our life’s mission, even though we may fear it.  I want to live such a year. So here I formally throw down my glove. I want to take risks with my art and risks in the corporate arena to accelerate sustainable and fulfilling change in both. No one ever said living from our authentic best was easy…. But I’m hoping more rewarding than living a half life.

So I’d love to hear from you.  What is it that you could do that seems dangerous but important?

Here’s the links to the documentary, Never Sorry, by Ai Weiwei.

And the blockbuster exhibitions at MONA in Hobart and NGV in Melbourne.

Banner Painting is detail of All of Love : Maurice Goldberg


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creator, change maker, agitator, in both the visual art and business worlds.
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