Hell took me to Heaven.


Intro to the Creative Rebel.

I’m the happiest, most motivated and most content I’ve been in a long, long time.

Ive spoken about “doing what you love” for decades! I thought I was. But I was deluded!

In 2008 all hell broke lose in my life. (It really started a year earlier but what’s a year between friends.) The Global Financial Crises rode in like a cyclone , the bank removed support from my businesses and the dominoes of my life collapsed. Down went the business, my home, my investments and eventually my eleven year relationship. Life was a real living hell.

It’s seven years on now and there’s an honesty and wisdom that has been growing. You can’t buy this kind of clarity! What really collapsed wasn’t my life… what really collapsed was my illusion. I thought I was doing what I loved but in reality I was doing the best at trying to be something I’m not. I loved people, solving other’s problems, and doing well but my real creative spirit was being stifled and squeezed out.

Its amazing what can happen when we believe the illusion. For me it took a complete collapse of most of my life, and five or six years of searching (my recovery), to finally come to the realisation that I’m most fulfilled when being creative and contributing from that space! I’ve always been creative in business and I’m told that I see new and innovative ways of doing things in almost everything I do. From business strategies to Cooking an omelette.  But I never quite understood that I contribute the most when bringing my rebellious creativity to people’s lives and their businesses.  And I never understood how I could use my creativity to paint and draw and photograph in ways that would cause people to ask new questions of themselves and experience life changes and shifts in perspective.

So the Hell in my life caused me to find a certain heaven, where I’ve allowed my creative and rebellious genie to have more space and the satisfaction from contributing more of me was a wonderful reward.

Im interested to be part of a conversation, not just a monologue.

Has hell ever taken you to heaven ?

Has embracing your genie , your unique purpose been a struggle, and was it all worth it ?


About mauricegoldberg

creator, change maker, agitator, in both the visual art and business worlds.
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16 Responses to Hell took me to Heaven.

  1. mark falzon says:

    Great post Maurice. Awakening to the illusion is such a precious and life changing gift. Even the apparent pain of the metamorphosis is seen as an illusion as the evolution of our consciousness continues and we remember who and what we really are. Keep writing and posting. I love it.

    • Thanks Mark. I’m not sure that pain is an illusion but rather a choice based on our thinking. If I think something is bad then I will experience pain. If I think that something is good I will experience pleasure. But I think it all happened.
      BTW. Thanks for your encouragement and being part of the conversation.

      • mark falzon says:

        Maya continues to play it’s game until the illusion is no more. Perhaps pain exists at the level of form which is not to say that we don’t experience it as being real but at the level of essence, does it really exist at all?

  2. Glenn Mack says:

    Ah, the struggle continues. I don’t think it has (or should) have an end. If only we believed in the power of our creativity with the same strength that we attach to our pain. Great to see you moving Maurice.

    • Hi Glenn. I’m really sorry I missed your response. thanks for that. i really like that thought that our focus and belief in the power of creativity, and acting on it, must be at least as strong as our belief in the pain. great clarity for me.

  3. Elise says:

    Maurice, So inspiring really. I believe that struggle is what makes us who we are. We are all creative beings, some what any way, and through the struggle that gets us to put pen, paint, pencil, paper, whatever, onto paper, takes us that one step closer to feeling totally amazing. You jumping head first into being a creative being is yes, INSPIRING. I will meet you on your journey soon, I hope. Elise

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks Maurice, I relate totally to your story having been through a very similar experience at a similar time (GFC) – being the “Chief Inspiration Officer” for my company nibbana to eventually come to the painful truth I was not even inspiring myself, my life looked bright and shiny on the outside but inside I was struggling, single, stressed and overwhelmed. It took ‘losing it all’ to finding what I really wanted all along. Congrats on your new direction and newfound happiness… While it’s painful to go through… the gift of coming through the other side makes it so very worth it.

  5. Wow, Maurice, I loved your post, thank you for sharing that, it is always empowering to others to hear this kind of honesty. I have been through a similar journey and it is hell,and when you get a little further along you realize you wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Without the illusions and fears you become a different person. Best of luck for your exhibition. Penelope

  6. Sarah says:

    I have learnt over time that the scars I carry are the very places from which I truly am able to BE. The “damage” and the accompanying experiences are the ONLY things we truly have to offer to others … because we felt them without reserve (because we didn’t have a choice??!!!), we plunged to the depths and there, in the darkest places, we chose to stretch towards the light. that’s all I really have to offer, to anyone.
    So excited to see you sharing your scars and offering us all the encouragement and inspiration to go towards life with open arms and a whole heart. xx

  7. Yes…..I believe I can relate….as I’m sure many can. When we thought it was all coming to an end out of ashes grew new hope, mission and vision. Go you.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Maurice… LOL- I had just composed a reply and lost it somehow.. by flicking a key … so if you get an unfinished comment we will know why.
    It has been a long time. It is oddly comforting to hear your story and I am so grateful for your posting it, even though it was some months ago. I relate so closely. . I have found through my own experience of ‘collapse’, like most of the signposts sent to us, it had its own timeline set out for me. Partly a closer understanding of myself and partly surrender were pivotal to that propulsion forward. There is authentic perfection in that timing despite what seems like external circumstances that might be driving it, as we well know.
    I found there were a series of life’s circumstances that needed to roll out if you like, which created the unique environment for that collapse to happen. I have been through 2 consecutive fall-outs of my life’s’ illusion. The similarities between those two separate incidents is insanely bizarre. I now have a better understand of the elements and the cause of the repetition. I think I’ve got it THIS time, one would hope!
    Love the news of your retreat into creativity, it is the beginning of my own road again now. My love to you for your new exhibition! I would have loved to be there. I’m a few steps/ years along a similar path, it seems.

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Yes. And yes. I have an art exhibition in a weeks time where I’m sharing my hearts adventure. It’s so rewarding and exciting doing what I love. And so many lessons learnt ( I hope) Thanks for sharing your journey.

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