4th January 2013. Drawing No. 1

All my life I have been creative.

The idea of me being a talented artist was always a very personal dream that lay extremely well hidden in the shadows of my heart. So much so that after a brief career as an architect I ensconced myself in the world of business, success and money… literally.

Ive been the creator of multiple businesses… many of them very successful, in the fields of financial planning, real estate sales and marketing & events. But i was a collector of art, not a creator of art.

So then came the challenge!

Nearly four years earlier, in the peak of the Global Financial Crisis, just about everything crumbled in my life when our bank pulled the plug on our dreams. A staff of nearly 50 flew in every direction my “career family” was no more and a great hole was left in my life.

I travelled for extended periods and searched for the great answers on happiness, love and work fulfilment  and many insights glowed but nothing shone bright… not till November 2012.

It was then that my friend Paul Macklin suggested that I was a perfect candidate to be his “guinnie pig”… a test case for the transition of his career. He is a very successful corporate trainer who for decades had wanted to paint. So his goal was to transform from traditional trainer to corporate and personal alchemist focusing on creativity as his main tool of trade.

So on the 4th January 2013 I began my apprenticeship.Image


About mauricegoldberg

creator, change maker, agitator, in both the visual art and business worlds.
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